A Very Grinchy Christmas

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Grinch. My girls absolutely love the book and the movie version of this timeless story and it is on high rotation in our household not just at Christmas time, but throughout the rest of the year as well.
Classic stories, the kind that stay with you no matter what your age, deserve more than just being read or watched every now and then. They deserve to become special in our lives because of all the other things we do alongside them.
We were inspired, after watching “The Grinch” this morning, to create a few Grinchy crafts- these could be for Christmas or they could just be for fun.

Grinch Handprint Craft

For this activity, I typed a quote from “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr Seuss onto an A4 sheet of paper, leaving plenty of room in the middle for a handprint painting. We then painted Little Miss’ hand with green paint and printed it onto the paper. When the paint was dry, we added the extra details, including a little yellow paint for the eyes.

Grinch Painting Craft

This activity is almost identical to the Handprint Activity above, except that Baby Girl absolutely refused to allow me to paint her hand. So, instead she painted some green paper with some green paint and I cut it out in the shape of a Grinch face and added the extra details once the paint was dry. I then glued the face down onto the same A4 page as used earlier with the same quote.

Drawing a Grinch Face

We used the tutorial for how to draw a Grinch face I found here to help Little Miss draw her very own Grinch. The steps are easy to follow (she only needed a little help with the more rounded shapes but besides from that she did most of the drawing on her own- not bad for a four year old!


Grinch Christmas Bauble

Using a green bauble, we painted on some yellow eyes and used a black marker to add the finer details. This craft works best with a lighter green bauble so that the facial features are easier to see.

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One response to “A Very Grinchy Christmas

  1. She did a beautiful job drawing the grinch! My son had a fun time with that drawing tutorial too. :)

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